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Fort Ticonderoga
Fort Carillon
Mt.Defiance (Sugar Loaf Hill)
General Burgoyne
General Arthur S. St. Clair
Ethan Allen
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General Burgoyne- A British general who tried and succeeded to capture the fort using Mt. Defiance
Fort Ticonderoga- Fort built by the French and was renamed by the British.
Fort Carillon- What Fort Ticonderoga's original name was.
Mt. Defiance- Mountain located by Lake Champlain that General Burgoyne used to capture Fort Ticonderoga.
General Arthur S. St. Clair- American General who tried to protect the fort from British general Burgoyne but then decided that the Americans could not protect the fort and evacuated it.
Ethan Allen- man who organized an attack against fort Ticonderoga who captured it and had a group called the Green Mountain Boys.